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When we look at a visual, our eyes and our brain work in parallel. The eyes take in new information, while the brain breaks it into small chunks. The eyes and the brain now work together to process their chunks to find meaning. Think of it this way: Wanting to buy a new TV set, you drive to the nearest…

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From Manuscript To Prezi

From Manuscript to Prezi

The job of a presentation designer is to turn the words of storytelling into pictures. The best manuscript to accomplish this task is one boiled down to its basics. It may sound counterintuitive, but simplicity shows mastery of subject matter. The best way to create an engaging and attractive presentation is from a well-organized manuscript. In fact, it is the…

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Transitions In Prezi

Transitions in Prezi

Transitions in Prezi One of the cool things about Prezi is that we can move freely on the canvas, going from one item to the next, in order to show our audience what we want to, and when we want to. These moves that take us from one item to the next are called transitions. Good transitions makes your prezi…

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