Caveman Design Works!

Ever heard the saying “there’s no need to reinvent the wheel”?

Cavemen really hit the mark with the wheel, didn’t they? You know on what else they hit the bullseye? Cave paintings – that’s what!

Think about it. Roughly 40,000 years ago, the early humans’ rudimentary drawings showed strong emotions and told complex stories. Of course, we can’t be sure exactly what stories were being told, as all imagery leaves room for interpretation.

The point is when designing your presentations, try to follow the caveman’s lead and show strong emotive intent in abbreviated fashion.  Telling more with doing less is a hallmark of good design.  What does your color selection say? Are you using rounded edges or sharp corners? Vintage feel or ultra-modern? Every choice is part of the story. Choose wisely.

Here are some famous cave paintings from around the world. Check them – they may inspire your next presentation.

  • The Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in Southern France has many paintings in addition to prints and animal fossils and markings. Some of those animals are now extinct.
  • Pedra Furada, Brazil has over 800 archeological sites with cave paintings. Studies reveal that humans were living in the Americas much longer than previously believed.
  • Cantabria, Spain is home to the anthropological site Cave of Altamira, where cave paintings can be found throughout its 300-meter long formation.
  • And interestingly, the tattooed body of “Otzi,” or IceMan, was discovered in the Otzal Alps bordering Austria and Italy.


If discovered 40,000 years from now, will your presentation tell an evocative and complex story in abbreviated fashion?

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