Colors Set the Tone in Prezi

Love Your Colors – they work to help you

Based on their schooling, designers use color theory as a guide to color mixing and the effects of different color combinations. The basic color theory that we all know, is the good ol’ color wheel with its primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

But here’s a color theory I bet they don’t teach in design school: Color can boost your happiness and increase productivity in the workplace. It’s important to remember what an effective tool color is when choosing palettes and hues for presentations.

Here are some examples of how color affects mood:

Red: The color of love, red is known to get the heart rate up. That’s why it’s a popular choice for sports uniforms, gyms, dance studios, and other places of physical activities.

Orange: Think marathon runners and all-night study sessions. Orange is high energy and is synonymous with endurance, persistence, and durability. Also, it is credited with enhancing creativity.

Yellow: Cheerful, confident, and on the sunny-side of the street. Yellow is known as the optimistic color. As it reflects a lot of light it can tire the eyes, so careful with its use.

Green: Bank on green for some brilliant brainstorming. When it’s time to grow new ideas or implement changes bring on the green.

Blue: Soothing and calming. Blue stands for trust – think of a politician’s blue suit or the paint palette of legal offices and banks. Additionally, blue enables attention to detail.

White: It’s not just for hospitals anymore. White creates a sense of spaciousness, especially when coupled with natural light streaming through a window. White also is known to encourage creativity.

Create Harmony

No matter what mood you are trying to generate, try to use  your chosen colors harmonically. The rule of thumb for creating harmony, is to make arrangements that look pleasing and well balanced. Rather than creating very simple arrangements (that may be boring) or very complex arrangements (that may be chaotic), strive to find the middle ground that offers clarity while preserving just enough tension to create interest without visual noise.

The proper use of color offers visual interest and delivers retention of your presentation’s content.

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