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Re-Usable Prezi’s for Prezi Classic

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Business presentation

Prezi Template 2 V2

Re-use this prezi:
Elegant Simplicity for your Company.

Prezi Template 3

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Business Plans & Visions.

Prezi Classic Tips

52 Fonts in Prezi

52 Awesome fonts in Prezi.

Watch this prezi to view them all. Pick the favorite for your next prezi.

Voice over in Prezi

Sound in Prezi made easy

Watch this prezi and see how easy it is to add music and voice-over to your prezi.

Transitions in Prezi

Transitions make or brake your prezi

Watch this prezi to get your zooms and movements right.

Business presentation ressources

A Toolbox filled with Business Icons.

Watch this prezi to view them all. Re-use what you need in your own prezi’s.

Anim made easy

Animation in Prezi made easy

Watch this prezi and see how easy it is to add delayed entry effect (animation) to one or more items in your prezi.

Image files in Prezi

Image files in Prezi

Learn which formats work best for Prezi.

Prezi Classic Videos

Prezi helps you make great charts

Prezi’s new chart tool made easy! 2 minutes to become an expert! Watch above or Watch on Vimeo

Pack & use a Portable Prezi

Learn how to create, unpack, and run a portable prezi. Watch video above or Watch on Vimeo

Want to hear the Prezi song?

Imprezzing’s Prezi song has over 55,000 views on the Internet.
It’s a must-see! Watch above or Watch on Vimeo.

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