Harward Stats: Prezi works better than PPT

Prezi vs PPT

According to a study done by researchers at Harvard University. Prezi presentations are more effective than PowerPoint slides.

Designed to better understand the roles of “message” and “medium” in communication, the double-blind study split participants into two different groups. The first group was asked to create a presentation based on a real-world business scenario and deliver it to the second group (posing as high-stakes board members), in three different formats: Prezi, PowerPoint, and verbal presentations with no visual aid.

In the end, it was Prezi’s focus on meaningful movement that stole the show. The audience reported that compared to the sequential, linear transitions in slideware (and oral presentations’ total lack of visual aids), zooming in and out of a virtual canvas was a more favorable experience overall. As the research states, “… the observed effects are not biased, but instead reflect a true and specific benefit of Prezi over PowerPoint or, more generally, zooming user interfaces over slideware.”

As if that’s not enough good news already, Harvard researchers also learned that those using Prezi were seen as “more knowledgeable and professional” than when they used other methods. In today’s professional landscape, where competition is high and time is short, we’re thrilled to be the proven method for improved presentations and improved presenters alike.

Read more here: https://blog.prezi.com/university-study/

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