I know PowerPoint. Why should I switch to Prezi?

Prezi is touted as today’s number 1 tool for presenting. 

The pros of Prezi are many. Obviously it looks cool, but what really sets Prezi apart is the fact that you help your audience when you zoom and pan over your content.
We show you how that all works, using fictitious “Asphalt Inc.” as an example.

The Zoom and the Pan

The zoom and the pan actively help your audience follow your train of thought and easily understand the information you provide.
For your introduction show an overview (see Asphalt Inc overview below) so that your audience knows what you’ll be talking about.

Then, when you want to talk about a particular subtopic or detail, you simply zoom in on that specific content and SHOW it (images below).

After a detail section, zoom out, pan to the next section on the canvas and explain. Finally, create a grand finale by showing the overview of the entire presentation while doing your Q&R.

Present with ease

Most presenters plan their zooms and pans ahead. On the day of the presentation they just click through it all, for a nice even flow. Used this way, the combination of movement and zoom transforms your presentation to storytelling, as opposed to just handing over information.

Should I never use PowerPoint?

Of course you should! PowerPoint is a great for several purposes and lots of people feel very comfortable working in PPT, which is important too. PowerPoint serves you well if your primary concern is a tight deadline, and if you are presenting material that just needs to be shared right here and now and don’t mind the WOW factor. For that, PPT is good.But when you want to make an impression, and to truly engage your audience, you should definitely use Prezi.

How do I get started? What’s the cost?

Prezi can be used for free. It is web-based, which means you can work from any computer with an internet connection. You don’t need to download any programs onto your computer and you don’t need to carry around an external hard drive or flash drive in order to present.

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