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Prezi Next IconIntroducing Prezi Next

Prezi Next is Prezi’s newest and most powerful presentation platform yet. To create it, Prezi has taken the best storytelling elements of Prezi, made it easier to use, and added new features such as live analytics, private presenter notes, and customizable designer templates. By freely navigating the canvas, users can adapt their presentations to the flow of conversation. The streamlined platform is perfect for dynamic and nonlinear presenting to keeps your audience focused and your ideas more memorable.

Designed for conversational presenting

Prezi Next has a number of new features for creating stunning presentations that are designed for conversational presenting. The concept of conversational presenting means that you can adapt your delivery on the fly and easily jump to any point in your presentation for a more relevant and engaging experience. We will be posting more about this, so if you are not familiar with conversational presenting, don’t worry. We’ll get you there!

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Already a subscriber? Lucky you!

If you purchased an individual Prezi account before April 25th, Prezi added Prezi Next to your account absolutely free. Also, this upgrade will be yours as long as you maintain your paid license. Awesome!! Find Prezi Next in your account in the top left corner where it wsays Prezi Classic. Use the dropdown arrow to switch to Prezi Next.

Prezi Next is raising the bar for presenting. Use it to create and deliver stellar presentations.


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