Storytell your speech

Storytelling is the new it for speech writing, and the best storytelling is created in as few words as possible. That doesn’t mean your speech must be short; it means you need to stick to your point.

Before you even go near your computer to write your speech, choose your main ideas. It’s OK to have only one main idea. The important thing is to not have too many ideas – go for two, three max. Research shows that audience members retain very little from speeches so help them by keeping your main ideas to a minimum.


It’s your speech so make it sound like you. Consider the following tips:

  • Use your everyday vocabulary. This is no time to pull out a thesaurus.
  • Keep it simple. Short sentences are far better than long, run-on sentences.
  • Be natural. Do you say: “Hello, my name is Morgan. How is everybody doing?” Betcha it’s more like this: “Hi, I’m Morgan. How’s everyone?”
  • It’s OK to use incomplete sentences or to not have perfect grammar. After all, spoken English is different than written English.
  • Read your speech aloud as you write. Re-read aloud again and again after finishing it. Trust me, your ears will pick up anything that doesn’t sound like you.

Protect your carefully prepared casualness by being just as vigilant with your other preparations.  Use quality facts, interesting details and vivid examples.

NOW – go get’em!

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