Prezi Speaks (almost) All Languages

Prezi speaks (almost) all languages

Did you know that you can choose from a huge number of languages to use in your prezi? Why that's so cool? Because every language comes with a spell checker, making it easy to create a prezi, even in a language where you need a little help. If you sometimes work internationally, this might mean a great deal to you,…

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Transitions In Prezi

Transitions in Prezi

Transitions in Prezi One of the cool things about Prezi is that we can move freely on the canvas, going from one item to the next, in order to show our audience what we want to, and when we want to. These moves that take us from one item to the next are called transitions. Good transitions makes your prezi…

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Color Your Frames

Color Your Frames

Frames that match your design Did you know you can change the color of your ‪#‎Preziframes‬?. It's easy too. Just select frame and use the toolbar. On top of that, you can apply as many different colors as you like. ‪#‎Prezi‬ just keeps getting better!

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New Templates In Prezi

New Templates in Prezi

Prezi has given their selection of templates a wonderful update. Now we can choose from templates that have a modern clean look and that are super versatile. These templates can be used for business purposes which we are sure that many professionals will love. Thank you very much Prezi! To see the newest templates you can always do this: 1)…

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Colors Set The Tone In Prezi

Colors Set the Tone in Prezi

Love Your Colors - they work to help you Based on their schooling, designers use color theory as a guide to color mixing and the effects of different color combinations. The basic color theory that we all know, is the good ol’ color wheel with its primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. But here’s a color theory I bet they don't…

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