Awesome Chart Tool In Prezi

Awesome Chart Tool in Prezi

For a long time it has been a challenge to add graphs and charts to your prezi. At Imprezzing we have used a workaround and imported charts from Excel, but being a Prezi user does not necessarily mean that you are also a confident user of Excel, so obviously we needed a Prezi Chart tool.

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Building Your Creative Muscles

Building your creative muscles

Want to know the difference between really creative people and regular creative people? The really creative really work it. Everyone is born creative; it’s just some of us consistently flex it. Call it ritual, practice, or habit. It’s what enables the highly creative among us to be so prolific. And prolific doesn’t equal masterpiece. Being prolific is playing a game…

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The Brain Friendly Way To Engage Your Audience

The Brain Friendly Way to Engage Your Audience

Riveting presentations and sparkly graphics aren’t enough. To make sure your audience walks away with the lessons you want learned, it’s best to know how the brain naturally learns. Let’s take a closer look at the most important organ in the human body. The throne of intelligence, the seat of the senses, the chair of behavior, and puppet master of…

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Now 52 Great Fonts In Prezi

Now 52 Great Fonts in Prezi

Today everything is about identity, brand and being consistent about who you are, whether you are an individual or a corporate body. The fact that Prezi used to offer a mere 15 fonts sometimes made it hard to apply a font that matched your corporate identity and brand. As much as we love Prezi, let’s admit that the very limited…

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Storytelling Is The Best Way To Persuade

Storytelling is the Best Way to Persuade

There is nothing like a good story, is there? Whether you’re engrossed in a book or listening with rapt attention at a dinner party, the enjoyment factor is immense. Oftentimes, storytelling serves to persuade. Think about television commercials. The snazzy sports car that gets the girl persuades the man watching a football game to buy one. Or magazine ads. The…

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Visualization Is Better For Business

Visualization is better for business

Photos and images help tell a story. In addition to reinforcing facts, they can add information, set moods, and identify people, places, and things. In the business world, visualizations can condense and represent extreme amounts of information into a single graphic. Visualizations allow viewers to grasp concepts more quickly than with text, and retention is better. How to move past…

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